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December 15th, 2010
Man Shoots Up School Board Meeting

56-year-old Clay Duke took six hostages during a board meeting in Panama City, Florida yesterday, before exchanging gunfire with a security guard and killing himself.

He waited until the point in the meeting when people were allowed to ask questions.  Then, in a reference to the movie "V for Vendetta", he spray-painted a giant "V" on the wall, pulled out a gun, and told everyone but six male school board members to leave.
A few minutes later, a female school board member snuck up behind him and tried to knock the gun away with her purse.  It didn't work, and she fell to the ground.  But luckily Duke didn't hurt her, and even let her leave the room.
Not long after that, he pointed his gun at one of the hostages and started firing at close range.  Amazingly, all four shots missed.  Then he exchanged fire with a security guard . . . fell to the ground wounded . . . and shot himself in the head.
Apparently he was upset because his wife had been fired by the school district.  There are a couple videos of the incident on CNN:  One shows everything but the ending, and the other one ONLY shows the ending.


Apparently Facebook is the place to leave your suicide note:



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