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February 23rd, 2010
Good News for Chubby, Hairy Men

Chicks Prefer non “Situation types”

-According to a new survey from a website called OnePoll.com, TWO in THREE women say they prefer a man with a hairy chest.

--63% prefer a guy who gets ready quickly instead of fussing over how he looks.

--58% prefer a guy who eats whatever he likes, even if he's a little overweight.

--And 56% say they prefer men with a little bit of stubble over someone who's clean-shaven or has a beard.

--Other turn-ons include guys who have a slightly geeky personality, guys who read a lot, and guys who cry during sad movies.

--And overall, 91% of women say they'd prefer to be with a guy who has a few flaws over someone who's "perfect." 

--By the way . . . if you're wondering why you've never heard any of this before, it's because ONE in FIVE women would never admit to their girlfriends what they REALLY find attractive in a man.



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