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December 8th, 2010
There's Something Not Quite Tightened Right in this One's Head

Bit Off Her Husband's Tongue After He Kisses Her While She was On the Toilet!

If a woman's sitting on the toilet . . . unless she's REALLY deviant . . . that's not the time to start getting intimate with her.  79-year-old Willard Lueders of Sheboygan, Wisconsin made that mistake.  And it cost him BIG.

On Monday night, Willard's wife, 57-year-old Karen Lueders, had been acting strangely, talking fast and rambling about spiritual things.  Around 11:15 P.M., she went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet to do her thing.
Willard decided to take that opportunity to go reassure her . . . so he walked into the bathroom and kissed her while she was on the toilet.

She responded by aggressively grabbing his package . . . and then BITING OFF HIS TONGUE.

When the police arrived, Karen was outside of the house with a New Year's party horn in her hand, singing Christmas carols.  She was arrested and charged with felony intentional disfigurement or mutilation, which can get her up to 25 years.

Willard was rushed to the hospital so doctors could try to reattach his tongue.  Doctors say he's in satisfactory condition, but wouldn't give any other details. 


(The Smoking Gun)   



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