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December 8th, 2010
This Santa's Not the Most Jolly Old Soul...

For the past 20 years, John Toomey has played Santa Claus at the Macy's in Union Square in San Francisco.  He's 68 years old now, and he says for as long as he's been playing Santa, he's made the same two jokes to adults, and not kids.

When an adult woman sits on his lap, he asks her if she's been good.  When she says "Yes," he responds, "Gee that's too bad."  And if they ask why Santa's so jolly, he says, quote, "It's because I know where all the naughty boys and girls live."

Well . . . over the weekend, he used those standard jokes with an older woman who sat on his lap.  And she was apparently GROSSLY OFFENDED by them.  So she complained to Macy's management . . . and John was FIRED.
Those jokes don't SEEM too bad . . . especially since we're assuming that the "I know where naughty boys and girls live" joke refers to randy adults who want to get-it-on with Santa and not children.

But once one person complained, that was enough for Macy's, and they canned him.
John put in a request for reconsideration to try to get his job back . . . but for now, Macy's isn't commenting on the firing.  John says, quote, "I've got my Social Security and some savings so I'll be okay.  But I sure do miss being Santa." 




bad santa - 2010-12-09
if that was my maw maw id probly get my rope for that perv
by country boy in ms

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