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December 2nd, 2010
Get Yer Big Girl Panties On!

A British Company Is Now Selling the World's Largest Women's Underwear . . . Made For 630-Pound Women With 105-Inch Waistlines!

As all of my fellow CHUBBY CHASING ADDICTS will tell you . . . six-hundred pound women need underwear too!

A company in Cornwall, England called the Big Bloomers Company just debuted the world's LARGEST women's underwear.  It's made for women who weigh up to 630 pounds . . . are a size 74 . . . or have 105-INCH waistlines.
Earlier this year, the company started selling underwear for 500-pound women.  But they kept getting calls that those were STILL too small.  So they've debuted this new size.
The size for 500-pound women was XXXXXXXXL, or eight-X-L.  The new one for 630-pound women is FIFTEEN-X-L.

It doesn't appear that these are for sale yet on their website, TheBigBloomersCompany.co.uk, so we don't know the exact price.  But their other underwear runs about $30 a pair. 






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