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February 19th, 2010
Anti-IRS pilot crashes into Austin IRS building

I've been mad at Mr. Taxman before...But this is a bit much.  Look, this time of year is no fun for anyone that gets a paycheck...and maybe the timing was intended, it's just really not the way to get paid attention to in the right way.  Especially if you have a manifesto, one manifesto and that's it.  You might as well strap yourself into a straight jacket.  It's like that weird kid in school that always tried to get attention...the wrong kind of attention.

Not much new evidence has been released...but Click Here for the latest coverage.

And if manifesto's give you a thrill...Click Here to get thrilled.



Mesa - 2015-10-15
自己當contractor並不是不用進行tax withhold 而必須依照規定file 1040ES (estimated tax) 否則會被罰錢很多新人房地產agent搞不清楚這點 造成幾年後被IRS罰很多錢 (前提是他是個成功的agent 有正常的收入)據我所知 台灣的稅法比美國簡單許多 而且政府直接用軟體幫你算 已經全部電子化 所以幾乎不可能出錯或有解讀上的誤差 所以不太可能需要主動退稅給繳稅者
by Mesa

Sergio - 2015-10-15
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by Sergio

Deafin - 2015-10-13
You People is a term I use when talking to pelpoe like you. People full of BS and Crapola is how I would describe You People . This is all you need to understand about me and this will be my last reply to any posts you make in the future on this blog.Marie Chicagoland
by Deafin

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