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February 19th, 2010
Here are some tips on strip club etiquette straight from the source


1.)  Relax:  Strippers are there strictly for your entertainment.  They're not interested in stealing your man.  All they want is to keep you and your guy happy, so you'll keep forking over your money.  That's it.

2.)  Stay off the dance floor:  How would you like it if some chick showed up at your office and started trying to do your job for you?  You wouldn't appreciate it . . . and neither do strippers.  Plus, you're probably just going to embarrass yourself anyway.

3.)  Don't forget to tip:  Some women think that because they have BREASTS, they don't have to tip the dancers.  But if you're watching the show, and if you're taking up a seat, you need to tip the talent.

4.)  Don't get grabby:  Certain dancers actually will allow female customers to touch them more than male customers.  But until you have permission, you need to assume the same hands-off policy that applies to men applies to you too. 

5.)  Don't assume your stripper wants a threesome:  Strippers aren't there to help you fulfill your bi-curiosity, and they're not going to come home for a threesome with you and your man. 



1.)  Dress appropriately:  Never go to the strip club wearing sweatpants, gym shorts or thin pants without underwear. There's nothing that will keep the dancers further away from you than an obvious TENT POLE. 

2.)   Tip . . . a lot:  This is a win-win situation.  She wants to get her hands on as much of your money as possible, and the more you tip the better service she'll provide.

3.)  Ask for permission:  Strippers are people too, and if you want to touch them you have to ask if it's okay first.  The good news is that if you're cool about it, there's a chance she'll say yes . . . but it's going to cost you.

4.)  Don't ask for sexual favors:  Most strip clubs are running a legitimate operation, and sex is strictly forbidden.  If you ask for sexual favors, you're going to have to deal with a bunch of angry dancers and security guards, and you might get kicked out.

5.)  Observe club norms:  If everyone is setting tips on the edge of the stage, don't try to stuff your money in the dancer's G-string.  And if everyone is slipping bills into a dancer's garter, don't ball up your money and throw it at her.  That's not cool.

Source: TheFrisky.com




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