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November 19th, 2010
Best Study We've Read All Year

As a parent, most people's instinct is to do whatever it takes to make sure their kids have a smooth, happy, life-affirming childhood.  And while that's probably the ideal path . . . it COULD hurt your child's future success.

According to Jane Genova, who's a career and job transitions expert, children who had some ROUGH PATCHES in their childhood can be more hire-able and more successful than kids who had 18 years of smooth sailing.

The main reason is that people who survived through bad times as kids tend to have stronger drive and imagination.
They're also more persistent and more likely to perform regular or boring tasks with an AGGRESSIVE sense of purpose.
Of course, if you want your child to be a success but don't want to declare bankruptcy or something to make it happen, it IS possible.  Just make sure you don't SPOIL them.
Make sure they have to work, do chores, and know that they're not ENTITLED to anything . . . they have to earn it.

(AOL Jobs) 



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