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November 19th, 2010
Man Who Wants To Be a Woman

37-year-old Kristina Ross of Boise, Idaho was arrested this week for going around to different bars . . . pretending to be a doctor . . . and using the line to get women to let her FONDLE THEIR BREASTS.

Apparently, Kristina would tell the women she was a plastic surgeon, and that her name was Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna (--auss ee uh show nuh).  Yes, for some reason the fake name she chose was Aussieahshowna.  (???)

After she'd feel the women's breasts, she'd give her professional medical opinion on whether or not they could go for implants . . . then give them the phone number of an ACTUAL licensed plastic surgery clinic.
That's actually how the police were able to track her down . . . women kept calling the clinic asking for Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna.  The clinic called the police and they managed to figure everything out.

And now, ANOTHER twist.  It turns out Kristina is actually a POST-OP TRANSSEXUAL . . . who was born a man.  (--That really does make more sense.  She may be female now, but this scheme is the work of a randy male brain.)

She's looking at two different counts of practicing medicine without a license and could get up to five years in prison. 

(Idaho Statesman)   



prison - 2010-11-19
so which prison would he/she go to? male pound u in the ass prison or female prison?
by bryan

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