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November 19th, 2010
A Word of Warning to the Most Popular Girls Baby Name Last Year...

For all the women listening right now . . . if your first name ends with the letter "a" . . . you're probably not going to like this story. 

According to a French study, women whose first names end in the letter "a" . . . like Monica or Anna or Paula . . . GET-IT-ON with more random guys than other women.
The study found that women whose names end in "a" have an average of 4.4 more sexual partners in their lifetimes than other women.

The horniest name of all is . . . LAURA.  Women named Laura averaged 9.7 sexual partners, which was the highest average in the study.

Here's the theory why this happens.  Names that end in letters other than "a" are generally more traditional, classical and biblical . . . and less exotic or trendy.
So parents who choose a traditional name might be more likely to have a traditional, stricter household . . . which can SCARE the promiscuity right out of a girl.




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