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November 19th, 2010
Because Walton & Johnson Care

When you delete something from your computer, it's never really deleted.  So unless you run a magnet over your hard drive, tear it in half, set it on fire, and blast the ashes into space . . . you'll leave traces of what you're doing behind.

There's a new invention that makes it even EASIER for someone to find your deleted shame now.  It's called the Porn Stick . . . and it plugs into a computer and detects any porno images on the hard drive, even ones that were deleted.
The company that makes it is called Paraben.  They say that it will be great for getting evidence against suspected child pornographers.

But for now . . . most of the people buying it are women who want to check up on their husbands.

The Porn Stick isn't cheap . . . it sells for $100 . . . but if you HAVE to know if your husband or kids or employees are downloading porno, this might be the cheapest way to find out. 




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