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November 18th, 2010
Florida Woman Accused of Assaulting Boyfriend with Tamales

Oh lovers’ quarrels…sometimes they end in passionate sex, other times they end in a woman assaulting her boyfriend with a plate of tamales. Such is the case with Adyan Sanchez, who’s now behind bars for her tamale assault.

 Police said that deputies arrived on the scene after a 911 call claiming there was domestic violence in the home of Sanchez and her boyfriend, Roberto Olvera.

The police report claims that, upon arrival, they noticed that the victim Olvera had “tamale sauce all over his pants.”

Allegedly, Sanchez assaulted Olvera after he called her a bitch in front of the couple’s young son.

When officers attempted to get a statement from, Olvera, Sanchez burst and told officers that she “threw the tamales on him because she is not going to leth im call her a bitch in front of her son and get away with it.”

Sanchez is charged with misdemeanor battery (and reprimanded for contributing to the destruction of some talames delisiosa!).



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