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November 16th, 2010
Airport Secuirty Takes It's Liberties

Horror Stories from the Hands of Airport Security Pat-Downs...


I was frisked at Tulsa Jones airport last year. The woman had her hands all over my boobs in a VERY sexual way and she was obviously enjoying it way too much, she was very butch. I felt very much assaulted and offended. I am a white woman with reddish blonde hair, 60 years old. I never even get traffic tickets! I had on a blouse that was so thin you could SEE THROUGH IT! If I had been trying to hide anything, it would have been visible through the blouse. I used to love to travel, loved to fly. Now I HATE TO FLY! I drove over 500 miles each way on one trip, to avoid airports and TSA.
Posted by: tiemeier | November 15, 2010 3:49 PM
Ever since my cancer, whenever I fly, I end up being harassed. My feeding tube, without which I will die, is lightly held in my stomach by a little balloon and is easily pulled out during a "pat down". I am threatened with arrest for pulling up my shirt (Sir, you must keep your hands down, sir, we will arrest you if you don't keep your hands at your side, sir,)so they can see the tube dangling from my stomach. This is after I have shown a written letter from my surgeon on her medical letterhead explaining it all and after I have orally told them.
I'm just resigned to it now, but it's irritating to see the false TSA web site about special lines for medical patients or special accomodations when in real life at the airports, if you have a feeding tube, you must fight to keep TSA from pulling it right out of your stomach.
Lots of blogs also recount similar stories and incidents by TSA. Of course, much easier to pick on the disabled than actually screen for terrorists.
Posted by: charm2017 | November 13, 2010 9:17 AM

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