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November 12th, 2010
Alarming Survey Results for Women!


And coming from researchers at Rice University...it's probably the most accurate survey we've posted. Dammit.

Here's the gist of it...a study that analyzed the letters of recommendation people wrote for job candidates. 

And they found one major pattern.

Without even realizing it, people are COMPLETELY SEXIST.

(really?! ya don't say...)

The researchers found that in almost every case, people writing letters of recommendation described women with more social and emotional terms . . . and described men with more active and assertive terms.
Check out some of the words and phrases that showed up a lot in the descriptions of women:  affectionate, helpful, kind, sympathetic, nurturing, tactful, agreeable, helps others, takes direction well, and maintains relationships.

For men, it was . . . confident, aggressive, ambitious, dominant, forceful, independent, daring, outspoken, intellectual, speaks assertively, influences others, and initiates tasks.

The researchers also found that, in general, managers are MUCH more likely to look for all of those active, assertive terms when they're making hiring decisions.  Thus, the softer descriptions of women could actually be costing them jobs.




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