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November 12th, 2010
Have You Ever Gone Out to Buy a Truck and Thought...

Get an AK-47 With Your Truck Purchase at One Florida Dealership

A truck dealership in Florida has found a new way to drive sales: When you buy a truck, you also get a free AK-47...if you’re not in the market for a gun, you get $400 off your truck purchase or vouchers for other stores.

It’s not a joke...and the gimmick appears to be working.

General Sales Manager Nick Ginetta explained that the weapon won't be sitting in the passenger seat or a gun rack when you sign the paperwork and get the keys, instead you get a voucher.

"You take that voucher, you go down to Shoot Straight. You present the voucher. They will fill out all federal and state forms, and a background check. If you are eligible for that weapon, you'll be entitled to it."

Ginetta says if guns aren't your thing, you can have 400 bucks off the truck or vouchers for other stores.

Ginetta said they're doing this as a salute to veterans, but some veterans next door at the VFW hall are kind of annoyed by the insensitivity of the promotional push. 

"Them guys next door that are giving away AK-47. I was shot 14 times by that rifle. It's a hell of a rifle. Kills a lot of people. They've got no business giving those rifles away."

However, a little research shows truck owners just happen to like the 2nd Amendment. “People are calling us, don’t believe it. They want to come in and see it,” general sales manager Nick Ginetta said.

The deal runs through the end of the month.

FOX 35 talked to the Sanford Police Chief about it and he says as long as the rules of gun ownership are followed, they're not concerned about because legal gun owners rarely give them trouble.

The only worry real worry is that a crook might steal an AK 47 and use it in a crime.




msbae - 2010-11-14
An AK-47? Why not an American rifle instead of some Commie-made piece of junk?

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