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November 9th, 2010
Don't Know What That Burning Sensation Down There Is??

Talk a bout a silver lining to Obama-care!!

With all the money put towards life threatening illnesses like cancer, AIDS, and Favreitis (being unable to go a single day without mentioning Brett Favre), it's about time those with STDs (or those worried about if they have an STD) finally got some lovin' (aside from the lovin' that got them the STD in the first place).

According to Gawker, the British government is funding a computer chip you pee on and attach to your phone for an instant diagnosis.

The goal of this 6.5 million dollar funded project? To cut the rate of infection among the young, and assist many with symptoms who are too embarrassed drop their trousers at their local doctor.

The device will be similar to a pregnancy test kit, and will tell the user quickly and privately if they've been infected.

What they don't tell you?  How to continue using your phone after you've urinated all over it.  Not sure if many carriers cover urination damage.




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