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February 17th, 2010
And the Award Shall Now Go Too

The IPCC is now D-E-A-D in the water...and not from melting glaciers.  The sky is not warming, the glaciers are not melting, in fact that was just a mere typo; when they said 2035, the year was really supposed to be 2350.  Ah, dyslexia, what a prankster. 

   What must be done now is to award the email hacker with the next Nobel Peace Prize, revoke Al Gore's, confiscate all the profits that have been made from furthering the lies and misdirections of the climate alarmists (including Michael Moore of course), shut down the UN's Climate wing, and immediately dismantle and disrupt the EPA and the last 20 years of restrictions and regulations and blockades of access to American energy resources. Oh yeah-let's burn the Cap & Trade bill and shutter the whole economy-destroying Ethanol nonsense while we're at it.

Click Here for the story the IPCC would rather see buried by a glacier.

Click Here to be an IPCC fact checker



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