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November 5th, 2010
Illegal Immigrant TV Drama in the Works

FX has put in development  the first major series project centered on an illegal alien character, a drama from Changing Lanes writer Chap Taylor about an illegal Mexican immigrant working as a private investigator. TV and film director Rodrigo Garcia, born in Colombia, has come on board to direct and executive produce the project, described as "Traffic meets Chinatown." Also executive producing are Taylor, Dawn Parouse & Marti Noxon of Grady Twins and Garcia's frequent collaborator, producer Julie Lynn.

The premise, an illigal immigrant, the PI on the show will be able to tap into a network of other immigrants. "It's an invisible network of people we don't pay attention to who see everything," Taylor said. "They take care of our kids, they mow our lawns, they deliver our food, they mop the floors at our offices, they park our cars. They know if we recycle, and they know if we are cheating on our wives." The PI drama will be dark and authentic, and Taylor stresses that this it not turn into "the immigrant of the week" story.
"The theme is about helping the powerless in a corrupt society who can be from the immigrant or the Anglo community," he said, noting that a trophy wife in Beverly Hills who is completely dependent on her husband "is just a powerless as her cleaning lady."

He added that the show won't be limited to Latino illegal immigrants only, as a plumber could be a professor from Poland and the bagger at the grocery story may be a philosophy major from Montreal.






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