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November 5th, 2010
Waiters May Have Horror Stories

Four Things Chefs Know But Won't Admit

CNN had an executive chef in New York come up with a list of four things chefs know but won't admit.  So if you're going out for dinner this weekend, here's the stuff your chef won't tell you . . .

#1.)  CHEFS ARE JERKS.  If you've seen ten to twenty seconds of "Hell's Kitchen", you probably already knew that, but it's refreshing that at least THEY know it too.

And as a general rule, the nicer they are with customers, the meaner they are to the staff.  So if you ask your waiter to send the chef out, he might be smiling when he gets to the table.  But he was just calling that waiter an idiot in the kitchen.

#2.)  YOUR FOOD IS COOKED BY TEENAGERS, EX-CONS, AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.  It's hard to turn a profit in the restaurant industry, which is why they pay people as little as possible, even at some of the NICE restaurants.

#3.)  IT TASTES GOOD BECAUSE IT'S LOADED WITH SALT.  Obviously chefs use a lot of other ingredients too, but if a friend tells you that a restaurant has great food, it's usually because the chef uses plenty of salt.

#4.)  THERE'S ALSO BUTTER IN EVERYTHING.  Culinary students are taught that more fat equals more flavor, and it's true.  That's why they use butter, cream, and oil in just about everything.

And the secret for cooking a perfect steak is to slather it with butter BEFORE you cook it, WHILE you cook it, and AFTER you cook it.




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