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February 17th, 2010
What the Hell ?

 A 33 yr old woman at an Evanston, IL hospital is suing for 30+ thousand because the nurse brought the wrong new born and placed it on her boob.   She now says the incident has upset her so that she needs to be compensated (this is why we need tort reform).   The mother of the switched baby has said that it was just a mistake.  The baby could not be reached for comment.

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Naina - 2015-10-13
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the price of milk - 2010-02-18
Good Lord, how much is a gallon of milk going for these days?
by angiegrl

what the hell!!? - 2010-02-17
i thought that the hosp. had strict security with matching bands on mother and child. that would freek me out but not to the extrem to try to get $ out of it.
by jessica

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