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November 4th, 2010
The YouTube We've Been Trying to Ignore

"Cooyon Duhon" Sings "I can't Survive" Obama Song Cajun Style!




he is still crazy lol - 2010-11-04
thats my cuz way to go keith very funny all your videos are good
by jude dhon

- 2010-11-04
I like to lost my mine lol
by shane bourque

- 2010-11-04
This is hilarious! Love it!
by Lauren

wow - 2010-11-04
this is so funny
by petedawg

popeye - 2010-11-04
this is some funny stuff yea
by Popeye 337

- 2010-11-04
Way to go KEITH!! We love you PawPaw =)
by Jaime Rougeau

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