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November 3rd, 2010
A Baby Falls Seven Stories Then Bounces Off An Awning!!!

On Monday, a 15-month-old baby girl and her four-year-old sister were playing together, unsupervised, in their family's seventh-story apartment in Paris, France. 

And somehow, the baby fell out of the open window.
She fell almost the full seven stories . . . at least 70 feet . . . right onto an awning over a café at the bottom of the building.

And just like in a movie, she bounced off the awning.

Fortunately, a man saw the baby falling and ran over to get into position . . . so as the baby bounced off the awning, he was right there to catch her.

The baby survived without a scratch, but she was taken to the hospital for observation anyway.
The police say they're trying to figure out how the baby fell but, quote, "It's a bit difficult questioning the two girls, given their ages."   

It's always good when a story about a BABY FALLING OUT OF A WINDOW has a happy ending.  (Especially when the baby's fall resembles a badass JACKIE CHAN stunt.)




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