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November 4th, 2010
Obama's Trip to India Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers $200 Million a Day.

In the middle of a recession, the country grimaces under the weight of 10% unemployment and Obama wants to take a holiday.

The President and First Lady Michelle will wing their way to India on the incomparable Air Force One, by the way, it is only the first stop on Obama’s upcoming ten day Asia trip.

Obama’s upcoming ten day trip to Asia is supposed to be another attempt related to Obama’s international leadership skills...for this he needs an entourage of 3,000 personnel including 200 of his own ‘people’.

The estimated daily cost of the High Prince's jaunt is around $200 million.
A $200 MILLION a day trip, funded by your taxpayer dime.

You did read that right; a President and his administration, in the midst of the worse recession since the Great Depression, opt to flaunt an extravagant trip on the scale of the ultra-rich royalty that has no purpose what-so-ever.


In addition to discovering the mysteries of India, The High Court will as well enjoy all that Indonesia, Japan and Korea has to offer at $200 Million dollars a day.

He plans to use this trip to show the powers of his international relations...wait, International relations that made him a laughing stock the last time he went jet-setting around the world.
Anyone remember the gift-giving gaffs and bowing debacle??
We have to spend $200 Million a day so that he can grin like an idiot and make an ass out of us and the country?!!

The Presidential disconnect is a bewildering reality for the millions of Americans who’ve lost their jobs, savings, and homes.

President Obama told Americans they would have to cut back, curb their budgets, make sacrifices...while he can’t budget an overseas trip for less than $200 million per day.

Oh, and why is Obama bringing 150 journalists with him and not utilizing the global outreach of the Foreign Press?

What is 'avoiding ten days of hounding by the press' Alex.

More details of Obama’s India trip for everywhere else but the United States Press:

The Hindu:
Mr. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are set to arrive in the city on Saturday and will stay the night in the presidential suite of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel. Around 3,000 personnel will accompany the President and an equal number are believed to have already flown in and out of the city to prepare for the visit. Among those accompanying the President will be 200 of his personal staff and about 150 journalists.

Six thousand Americans needed to help facilitate an Obama four day trip to India? One can only wonder at the number of ‘personnel’ needed to facilitate the six days Obama will visit Korea, Indonesia, and Japan?

Mr. Obama will be coming with three Boeing 747 jumbo jets and two others will be coming before him with equipment. An advance team of U.S. officials is set to arrive here on Wednesday. The U.S. is spending about $200 million a day towards Mr. Obama’s visit, the official said on Tuesday.

More details from the Daily Mail:
Forty aircraft – including the Air Force One military plane – and six heavily armoured cars will follow the president around the country.

The huge security operation comes days after a suspected bomb was found on a cargo plane at East Midlands Airport.

The entourage will be the biggest ever in terms of logistics and manpower for any US president.

The president himself will be ferried around in a black Cadillac – dubbed ‘Barack Mobile’ – which has its own built in communications centre – to enable Obama to be in touch with the White House, US vice president and the US strategic command.

Will the 6 heavily armored cars be allowed to carry ammunition or are they just ‘for show’?

The Hindu:
The Maharashtra government is believed to have put its foot down on the amount of weapons and ammunition that will be carried by the U.S. authorities. Mr. Obama’s personal security guards and those around him will be allowed to carry weapons. Beyond this circle, only the Mumbai police will be allowed to possess arms.

“There will be an inner and outer cordon around the President. His place of stay will be cordoned off and the cordon will move with him.”


Of course a trip to India wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Taj Mahal!!

A heavy security cordon will be in place around the hotel and there will be strict restrictions on vessels near the plush building.

Obama will visit the historic Taj Mahal with wife Michelle and their two children.

The secret service will set up two command posts in Delhi and Mumbai which will act as the communication nerve centres. These centres will keep an eye on each movement by the president with real time satellite monitoring.




- 2010-11-05
This is Terrible!! My husband and I both work 40 hours weekly and still cant make ends meet!!! This is what our President does!! Unbelievable He needs to go!!!!!
by Amy

Journalist?!?! - 2010-11-05
Why are WE paying for JOURNALIST to travel with him?? They work for a company whos business is to send reporters. If they want the news they should put in the investment. I guess for something good to be said about him, "he" has to pay for them to tag along. I really want one of them to write about the numbers and go against the fact that "he" is paying for their trip.
by Sgt. pissed

Pissed off also - 2010-11-04
I would like for someone to produce a list of these name these 3000 people. I bet most of those people are probally just people tagging along for the ride at the tax payers expense.
by Gene

SICK OF IT - 2010-11-04
by amanda jones

impeach the prez - 2010-11-03
This should be grounds for impeachment!!!!!!!!! who the hell does he think he is with this bling bling trip?
by Andy

pissed off - 2010-11-03
I want to go to!!!
by still pissed off

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