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February 17th, 2010
Canada Envy

Our back up goalie had "Support Our Troops" and the top of his mask...Another (a guy named Miller) had "Miller Time" on his...and a third had the initials of his children.  The game officials ruled that these damaging messages had to be removed because they were advertising or political propaganda.   For the record Russian team members had messages as did the Canadians that they were not asked to remove.  When will the hatin stop ?


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Juan - 2013-04-04
ramin.choopan می‌گه:salam.mage ma dehatiha del naidram baba be khoda wen saf nist shoma face book dashte bashi hal koni mane chopan nadashte basham doroste chopanam vali bad nist ke vagti miram gosefand haro becheronam ye sar ham be face book bezanam .man az shoma khahesh mikonam ke rahhaye dashtane face book ro beeman yad bedin..khahesh mikonam.inam imaile. mane .benevis .befrestesh baram gool midam jobran konam ba tashakor .ramin.chopane rostaye ..ayi
by Juan

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